HIP clients tell the story.


“People were flooding the dance floor the entire night & all I saw was huge grins on everyone’s faces.”

– Colin, NY
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“Thank you for your making this year’s Holiday Party a HUGE success! Our employees had a wonderful time and have not stopped talking. “

– Jessica, Eclipse Solutions

“Wow! Thank you HIP SERVICE. You made our celebration a night to remember.”

– Condoleezza Rice

“Members of our company have been raving about the performance, and those that missed it were jealous. Thank you!”

– Barbara D

“Thank you for always doing a great job. Hip Service is the best!”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Countless people came up to us the following days to tell us how much fun they had and how great the band was!”

– Scott H
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“These guys ROCKED our wedding! Our guests are still raving about what an experience it was.”

– Adam
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“Hip Service? I got their CD when I was in New York City on Broadway, in between performances I was doing for Chicago, and I loved the tunes and their sound.”

– Huey Lewis and the News

“Even with all of my high expectations and excitement for this band going into it, on the wedding day, they absolutely blew me away.”

– Every Last Detail LLC

“Thank you, Hip Service, for making our Holiday Gala such a memorable evening. Nobody wanted to go home & everyone is still talking about it. “

– River City Bank

“Hip Service set the tone for our wedding and made it the best night of our lives. I would love love love to hire Hip Service again”

– Suzanne
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“We just saw Hip Service close out the Creek Walk Concert series on Friday night–they were unbelievable. Everyone was having an amazing time!”

– Katie F San Anselmo

  • "I researched and interviewed numerous bands and ultimately chose Hip Service because they were exactly what I was looking for -- a high-energy party band with horns, multiple male and female singers, a song list with current party pop songs, oldies but goodies and all around classics....not to mention a band manager that was super responsive, attentive to details and on the same page with our vision for the night, which was to focus on having a super fun party. The band manager, Steve Bloom, made working with Hip Service an absolute joy. I interviewed Steve over the phone and knew when we hung up that he and Hip Service were the right band for the job. I of course watched several videos, listened to songs and scoured their song list beforehand, but after speaking with him, it was his enthusiasm for crafting the night however we wanted that sold it for me. Before the wedding, Steve answered all of our questions quickly and was willing to have multiple calls with my wife and I to talk through various logistics and preferences. I told him some songs that we love and others that we didn't like as much so that he could get a sense of our style...but then let them choose the songlist however they felt worked best. When it came to the actual reception, Hip Service was simply incredible! I'm not kidding -- nearly everyone asked where we found such an awesome band!? I've never been to a wedding where there were so many compliments on the band, seriously. People were flooding the dance floor the entire night and all I saw was huge grins on everyone's faces. People are still talking about how awesome the band was. Numerous people said something along the lines of "that wasn't just a wedding band, that was our own private concert!" Not to mention, they owned the room from 7pm until midnight....nearly 5 hours with only two short breaks. They also provided uplighting for our reception room that looked amazing! On top of Hip Service's amazing show, they also allowed us to incorporate some of our own ideas. I am a guitarist myself and wanted my friends that also play music to get up on stage with me and all use Hip Service's instruments to play our own song during the wedding....Steve was totally cool with us and loved the idea. At my request, Hip Service also learned two songs (2001 and Tweezer Reprise) by my favorite band, Phish. They didn't just learned the songs to play them, but they got way into them and totally rocked them out. My wife and I got up on stage to dance while the band played them and the crowd was blown away! I really can't recommend any wedding band any more highly. It will be the best money spent on your wedding. Thank you Hip Service!"

    Colin P Groom, (Canal Street, NY)
  • "We hired hip service's 11 piece band for our recent wedding in guerneville, CA a week ago and I have literally received emails, texts, messenger pigeon notes from every single person there telling me that it was the best dance party they have ever been to (and these people have had their fair share of dance parties). I have never seen more people getting down on a dance floor in my life. grandmas, babies, a weird townie dude who decided to crash the wedding for a little bit, tall boy in-hand... Ee provided them with a rough list beforehand and in addition to playing all the jams, they incorporated a few more that we had requested that weren't on their list. i literally danced for 2.5 hours straight - which my poor wedding dress can attest to as it's now completely black and torn on the bottom from all of the dancing and stomping around (was totally worth it). I want to do it all over again. thank you guys SO much for making my wedding."

    Kristen W Bride, (Manhattan, NY)
  • "Hip Service played at our wedding in Sonoma last week and they were truly outstanding. The dance floor was packed from the first to the last song. The performances from the 11 members were dynamic and the set lists kept the party going! We looked at several bands before picking Hip Service and no other band even came close to their make-you-want-to-dance performance and their professionalism in communication and contracting. They are also really nice people who are kind, fun and easy to work with. Our guests are still raving about the band. I would book them again for any event! They were amazing and gave us life-long memories of literally jumping with joy and celebrating and with our family and friends."

    Jennifer I Bride, (Noe Valley, San Francisco, CA)
  • "Hip Service could not have paid off any more than it did! They were incredible!!! They nailed every song that they played and did a great job reading the crowd and putting on one heck of a show. The dance floor was packed the whole time they were playing. When they announced it was the last song, the packed dance floor responded in unison "nooooo!!".

    Scott H Groom, (Colleyville, TX)
  • "BEST WEDDING BAND EVER!!!! HIP Services-Where do I begin. Planning a wedding from Baton Rouge, LA in Sonoma, CA can be challenging. Finding a band which sets the tone of the wedding is one of the most important component. I had more compliments about the band then anything else at the wedding. I got told this was the BEST wedding band they had heard and how did I find them. Steve made it so easy and even the wedding planner said how professional he was and easy to deal with."

    Holly C Mother of the Bride, (Baton Rouge, LA)
  • “Hip Service is the best wedding band I’ve ever seen! They were very easy to work with during the planning process, they learned 2 new songs for me and did a great job. My guests began dancing before the reception even began! While my new husband and I were waiting to enter the reception to be introduced, we had to wait for our guests to stop dancing! That was truly amazing, that were able to generate such amazing energy from the crowd, exactly what I wanted. Hip Service set the tone for our wedding and made it the best night of our lives. I would love love love to hire Hip Service again, and I intend to do so! I’ve also received compliments from almost every guest regarding how great the band was. Fun, energetic, played a wide range of songs and very flexible with requests etc.”

    Suzanne Bride, (Fairmont Hotel, SF)
  • “I think you already know how very pleased I was with the performance of your band on Saturday. Phenomenal, really. You absolutely read the crowd perfectly (albeit a small crowd for you guys and gals) and I just can’t say enough about how good you all were. As a client, I think you know I would give a glowing evaluation that anyone who would NOT hire you for their event would be crazy and it would be 110% positive. Thank you thank you thank you. PS. I play with a number of bands, as you know, and they could all learn a great deal from yours about how to perform. I have played with musicians every bit as good but just don’t get it.”

    Tony Fransway Noah Worcester Dermatological Society, (Monterey, CA)
  • "If I could give them 10 stars I would! I am a wedding planner in the Seattle area and was looking for the perfect high energy dance band for my client's destination wedding in Sonoma. My clients were very picky in what they wanted so I was so thankful when I researched Hip Service and it sounded like they were everything we were looking for. Nothing cheesy, just classy, extremely talented and fun. We hired them for ceremony piano, PA system and guitarist for the cocktail hour, their jazz band for dinner and the 11 piece Hip Service experience for the rest of the event. Steve was so easy to work with, easy going with our questions and changes leading up to the wedding. As a planner, it made my job so much easier. I must say that even with all of my high expectations and excitement for this band going into it, on the wedding day, they absolutely blew me away and I've been working with event bands for over a decade. They nailed it perfectly on each and every portion of the event. Hip Service is SIMPLY THE BEST I have ever seen. Northern California, you are lucky to have them! Hire them and see for yourself!"

    Stephanie W Every Last Detail, (Everett, WA)
  • "We follow this band closely as they are best in the business. We have seen them from the Folsom Palladio, Howe Park, UCDMC & Bistro 333 in El Dorado Hills. They are a strong R & B, pop and oldies band that can get everyone up and dancing. I know you can hire them for private parties like weddings even out of town. I even remember them playing for the Best of Sacramento March of Dimes fundraiser at ThunderValley. If you want to get up and dance, this band is for you! Enjoy & dance!"

    Karen K Hip Service Fan, (Elk Grove, CA)
  • “Hip Service, Words can not express how thrilled we are with your performances. Thank you for all of your help, cooperation, expertise and musicianship. We are overcome with happiness. Several guests commented best wedding ever. Thank You!!”

    Buz Father of The Bride, (Burlingame, CA)
  • “Steve, you and the rest of the crew were awesome!!! You really rocked it! Thank you! I look forward to working with you guys again in the future. Cheers!”

    Marisa So-Eventful Weddings and Events (Healdsburg, CA)
  • "We contacted Hip Service the week after we got engaged. They were the first vendor we booked (before confirming a date or venue) and it was by far the best decision we made. We knew a band can make or break a wedding and Hip Service took our wedding to “The Next Level.” The band and singers were phenomenal. They kept the dance floor packed all night long. Steve (the band leader and point of contact) was so wonderful to work with. He was professional, responsive, and accommodating. We are continuing to get rave reviews about how much fun our guests had and how amazing Hip Service was! Snatch them up for your wedding before they are taken!"

    Jillian Bride, Sept 2014
  • "Awesome band!!!! We had so much fun dancing to them….and the dance floor was full the entire time they were playing. I have worked with Hip Service for many years and liked them so much I hired them for our own wedding! They aren’t your average wedding band … they have a brass section, drummer, bass player, guitarist, numerous singers, and several dancers – the combo makes for a really talented and high energy performance! Highly recommend this group!"

    Stephanie Martin One Fine Day Events (Lake Tahoe, CA)
  • "Hip Service was an absolute joy to work with!!! I got nothing but amazing about our wedding band. Everyone danced all night and they were so fun to watch, like we were at a concert or watching a live show! I recommend Hip Service for weddings, parties or any social event!!"

    Casey Groom, (Sacramento, CA)
  • "I just wanted to thank you for such a great evening. Hip Service was outstanding and everyone loved them.! My emails and phone have been going off all day with how much everyone enjoyed the evening. Great call with the casino games. Loved them too! Looking forward to doing more business with you!"

    Rick Flyers Energy, LLC
  • "I cannot recommend Steve and Hip Service more. We planned a destination wedding in Tahoe (from NYC!) via email and phone, and Steve was incredibly responsive, professional and patient with us and all of our questions. The day of the wedding I have NO DOUBT that everything would go off without a hitch because of their attention to detail and the countless hours Steve spent on the phone with us. The band even surprised us a week before our wedding by learning a pretty obscure song for our first dance (Shine a Light by the Rolling Stones) and KILLED IT, to the point that the band cut out at one point so everyone could clap along with the lead singer. It was honestly my favorite moment of the whole day. LOVE Hip Service!!"

    Lauren Hyatt Regency (Lake Tahoe, CA)
  • "Thank you for making Jerry and me look so good! Maureen and Mike set the tone with their happiness and you provided the music to make the wedding so much fun! The band will always be one of the key ingredients to a successful party, and you and the Hip Service group are PERFECTION! Wow! You are fabulous! We enjoyed every moment of our time with you. Thank you Hip Service!"

    Mary Lynne & Jerry Richardson San Francisco, CA
  • "Hip Service has been coming out to our annual meeting for 5 years now and that should say something in itself. Everyone loves your music and your energy! Thanks for another fun evening! The keyboard during dinner worked out nicely – we will have to remember that. It's always great ending our meeting with a good dinner and fantastic entertainment. And always a pleasure to work with you."

    Debbi Western Farm Services
  • "Service was better than we could have asked for. When the band started playing, it was amazing! They provided quieter music for cocktail hour – after dinner things really got going! I was walking back from the restroom at one point and noticed that there was NOT ONE person sitting at their table. Literally every single guest was on the dance floor practically the entire evening – just what we were hoping for!"

    Anne Bartkiewicz Mother of the Bride
  • "Thank you SO much! We have received an amazing amount of compliments on the energy and performance of Hip Service. They were exactly what we needed to make our themed party such a great success! Even the Senior Vice Presidents were tearing up the dance floor. We will definitely keep you in mind for future events."

    Jessica W Google, Inc.
  • "Hip Service did such an amazing job at the Domich-Cullen wedding at the Firehouse! Thank you for being so easy to work with. You all did an incredible job and we cannot wait to work with you again in the near future!"

    Samantha Rosenberg Kate Miller Events